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Mandag 26. mars: 3,4km jogging (Alna)
Tirsdag 27. mars: 3,8km jogging (Alna)
Torsdag 29. mars: 7,1km jogging (Sognsvann)
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I am from now on going to be updating my Blog over at http://enighet.blogspot.com.

If you wish to follow me, then take a gander over there.

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I went to the Viking ship museum in Oslo this Sunday, and I took some photos. Check them out on my Flickr page:


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So, I am watching the pure awesomeness that is Parks and Recreation. It is a comedy series concerning public service officials in the department of Parks and Recreation. In one episode all the colleagues help out a fellow friend move out of his house on the behest of said colleague.

This has always baffled me.

Friends more or less ordering friends to help them do hard labour (moving is fucking hard, and it takes all day).

It costs approximately 1500- 2000kr ($250 - $840) to have professional people move your entire apartment. Moving house is something you do 5 times in your life (on average).

No one likes moving. NO ONE.

Don't ask your friends, they will feel guilt-tripped into doing it for you and they will hate every second of it.

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Scott Adams: What problem does your company's product try to solve?

MrKaizer: Well, I work at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Office. We are trying to figure out how to treat our users' (unemployed people and pensioners) applications in a way that provides unemployed people a decent living and pensioners a decent retirement.

Scott Adams: What is the biggest problem for people in your profession?

MrKaizer: In my profession, accounting and administration, the biggest problem is twofold. One; too many employees are sick. Two; we get income from the State when people are sick. It varies a lot how many people are sick and as such it is very difficult to balance the budget (a governmental agency are not allowed to have a surplus, nor a deficit).

Scott Adams: What is the biggest problem in your industry?

MrKaizer: Well, more and more people are sick, unemployed and (luckily) live longer and as such each year there are less people working to pay retired people's pensions and unemployed people's welfare cheques. This is not sustainable. We will run out of oil and gas and we need more private enterprise and industry in order for our children to be able to have as good a life as we do.

Scott Adams: What is the biggest problem/constraint in your current project?

MrKaizer: I do not have a current project. I have many tasks that needs to be done every day at certain times, but the most time-consuming one is making sure that people answer the phone when they are supposed to.

Questions derived from www.dilbert.com/blog
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Isn't that beautiful? Even if humankind detonated all it's nuclear bombs (and even then we're exaggerating their effect as only a fraction of them are as massive as the biggest B83), we don't even have enough to destroy more than approximately 10 % of all our cities/citydwelling population.

If we went ahead and tried to wipe out the entire world, as illustraded in such classics as "The day after" and epic xbox games such as "Fallout 3", we wouldn't be able to destroy more than 0,8 % of Earth's landmass.

I find stats such as that immensely uplifting.
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I have just returned from a two-week vacation on the tropical island of Tobago. Tobago is located at the very south of the Caribbean ocean and is part of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The island is very small, only 48km long and averaging 10km wide. On the island is a small rainforest, which is the rainforest in the world which has been protected by the authorities the longest. It was designated as a protected Crown reserve on April 17, 1776 following representations by Soame Jenyns a Member of Parliament in Britain who had the responsibility for the development of Tobago. It has remained a protected area ever since.

I stayed at the Rex Resort Turtle Beach hotel, a three-star hotel with shitty service, but lovely rooms and a fantastic location (right on the beach). I went on several tours, including an island tour (a drive around the entire island, with several stops on the way), a walk in the rainforest, a trip to the small island of Little Tobago just off shore of the main island, a fishing trip with deep-sea fishing (didn't get anything), a boat trip along most of the island's Caribbean coastline (with a lovely stop at a place called No-man's land where we barbecued) and a trip to the island's protected wetlands (with its mangrove forest).

The food on Tobago is amazing, especially the seafood (which I had almost every single day). The price level is approximately half that of Norway (except beer which is only about 12kr for a pint when eating at a restaurant), and this is good since the cost of travel and hotel is more expensive than going to more traditional places such as Thailand or Spain.

Here are some picturesCollapse )
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